-Private lessons are a great way to take your tango to the next level. With one-on-one or small group instruction, a student can often progress his/her abilities more in one lesson  than in an entire year without professional instruction.

Here’s you opportunity!

Pricing and Packages of classes:

  • One class with one teacher: $100 + floor fee ($20 in San Diego or $25 at Bella Fitness in Glendale)

  • One class with two teachers: $160 + floor fee ($20 in San Diego or $25 at Bella Fitness in Glendale)

  • 4 classes with one teacher: $440 (floor fee included -Valid for SD and LA area)

  • 10 classes with one teacher: $1049 (floor fee included -Valid for SD and LA area)

  • 4 classes with two teachers $640 (floor fee included -Valid for SD and LA area)

Semi-private sessions (60 mins) with Carlos & Mayte: $200+ floor fee on up to 6 (six people) and then add $37.50 per extra person after the sixth.

(i.e: 8 people class is $300 @ $37.50/person)

NOTE: 4 sessions packages expire 8 weeks after the first lesson

10 sessions passes expire 16 weeks after the first session.

No exceptions please =) 


contact  or text (206)370-9517

Private lessons policy:

  • Length of classes: Classes are 55minute-long

  • Arrival: Please arrive at the time of your lesson and enter to the room (when working at a private studio) at your scheduled time to avoid interruption on other student’s lessons

  • Cancellations: All booking must be cancelled/changed at least 24 hours prior its scheduled start time to avoid being charged. Any booking cancelled with less than 24hs in advance should be paid by the student the full booking amount.

  • Payments: All packages are due on the first class of your package. Cash, checks, CC ZELLE and PayPal accepted