" Carlos Barrionuevo and Mayte Valdes are incredibly elegant and I found myself completely engrossed in the performance."                                         


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"Carlos Barrionuevo and Mayte Valdes danced beautifully with a measured, calculated ballet-like artistry.Valdes, in particular, effortlessly moved from one extreme to another, often going from gymnastic-level athleticism to docile femininity in a single pattern. 

Barrionuevo and Valdes brought a powerful change of pace to the dancing, complementing their forceful routines with ever-serious facial expressions that lent an air of solemn restraint to the performance.e."                                           

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" But when it came to the actual tango, it was the performances of Carlos Barrionuevo and Mayte Valdes that were memorable. There was existed a heated passion between the couple that could not be missed. Both dark and sultry, Mr. Barrionuevo had full command of Ms. Valdes who exhibited such precision mixed with an undeniable elegance that was a delight to experience."       

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"This enrapturing performance highlights Carlos Barrionuevo and Mayte Valdes. The theatrical, passionate, aggressive nature is expected (and delivered).However, the exquisite choreography that plays with their agility in footwork is truly impressive. Their expertise in this dance style shines, which is audibly acknowledged by the audience".                                        

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 " Carlos Barrionuevo and Mayte Valdes ,both very good, show successive stages of Argentine dance."                                                                  

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" Filmmaker Jason Eberlys" Dead Drop". He claims to have spent just $97 to make the short film that, thanks to the beautiful San Diego backdrop and beautiful actor/dancers Carlos Barrionuevo and Mayte Valdes, looks like a million bucks.

Ironically, the same creative team, right down to the actor/dancers, made the high-budget (and award-winning short) Niña del Tango. which screened at April's Newport Beach Film Festival."    


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